Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 15, 2010

Floored – utterly!

So you’ll have seen my original post about how filthy the apartment was when I took it over, I’ve still got a bit to do before I feel 100% happy with the place but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I got totally grossed out by the rubbish bin when I went to empty it for the 1st time .. check it out .. it had mould reaching up to hang onto the bloody rubbish liner they’d put in the bin.

What I have decided their cleaners (??) do is just go thru’ the motions of cleaning. “Empty bin and replace liner” will be on their list. Checking to see if the bin is soiled, filthy or worse: alive with mould aint on the list therefore it does not get done. I had a variety of colours of mould growing too – a science experiment in the making!

Same thing will have applied to their list “Wash floors” (or maybe sweep?) doesn’t matter that the floor is gradually becoming more and more dirty – the list says “wash” not “clean” .. ?? I dunno, it really defeats me lol

I stopped to take a pic of the bathroom floor when I cleaned the kitchen floor – altho it doesn’t really show up that well.. I am pleased with the outcome and know it’s clean now!
As is my rubbish bin. Nothing a big old amt of bleach, dettol and hot water couldn’t fix.

The property manager of this site should be fired.
Or forced to live in one of the ‘cleaned’ apartments! LOL


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