Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 15, 2010

Weak 2 (Jenny + Buckos will get that!)

So it’s been 1 week of inner city apartment living for this modern day gal *snort* I have to say that as I gradually settled in, it wasn’t so bad. Loving not doing public transport! Loving being able to stroll down town any time I want to (weather permitting!) love being able to leave “home” at 7.55am and be working by 8!

I  no longer cringe when I enter the building. I just walk thru’ and head straight to my ‘apartment’ (still can’t believe they can call these rooms apartments lol) and now, when I walk into my room I get a sense of home coming, especially when I look out the windows – which is the first thing ya do when you walk in as there is a bank of them along the wall!

Yesterday was ANOTHER strange weather day – we’re having amazing cloud formations, strange colours in the skies – planets are up to something so I’m told..

Taken yesterday around 4pm.. this is my immediate view from my “lounge” window..

Work continues to go well, I like to think I’m adding value (inside joke if you want it explained just ask..) with the most important project going really well. It kinda has to, it’s a compliance (legislatively demanded) project. 1 Oct is an unmissable go live date.  I have to admit, it’s great being the project manager on a priority 1 project. Anything Joan wants: Joan gets.

Well, almost.. 😉

Problem is one of my other projects is ranked about 26 in the list so it can be a tad complicated switching hats and remembering when to throw my weight around heheh

I’m heading into work very soon to finish up some reports and plans before a busy week ahead.. CJ is coming to stay tomorrow so that will be fun.. I am going to take a few hours out on Tuesday morning before she heads back to the Bay .. the original flying visit! So need to get ahead now. Have already been down to the market ..

Just $5 for all this in mid-winter! That capsicum alone would cost $5 @ New World !

Before the day is out I am going to test a splash of 30 seconds (wax on wax off?) on the wall – CJ is bringing drop sheets so I can clean the walls.. but I wanna make sure it doesn’t strip the walls lol so that will be my fun job after work this week .. it occured to me yesterday if I came back to do this once a year – work in Wgtn for a few months, I’d not get the same room and I’d have to do this all over again – ahhhh!! 🙂

PS Check out my chinese laundry

(running a 2nd job on the side .. )
They have dryers and washing machines in the building you can ‘hire’ for $3 a load..
I have the heater on, so why the heck would I pay $3 when they can be dried for free?? 😉

A penny saved… is a penny I can spend later 😉

Right off to work I must go..



  1. Nice view!!

    A penny saved…………is a penny closer to TEXAS!


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