Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 28, 2010

Dora the explorer move over!

It dawned a beautiful sunny and balmy (ish) day here in the capital city so I decided to charge up my camera and go explore .. OK fine, I lie – I wanted a coffee but still, I DID plan to go explore afterwards :-p

In fact I did it the opposite way around and wandered for 2 hours before getting my caffeine fix which worked well considering the weather turned nasty as I had my coffee! Love when a plan (hah) comes together.

I covered some miles .. went down Cuba Mall, all the way along Courtenay Place, cut thru to Te Papa and strolled around the Marina and water front back around thru’ Frank Kitt’s Park .. then headed over toward the Library before carving my way up town to find a place that sold coffee..

Here are a few pics I took as I walked:

Chinese restaurant on Courtenay Place – Good to see them trying to debunk the cat stir fry concern many people have..

I just liked these doors..
I know. I don’t get out much ..

I had to take a 2nd look to work out what this was! A Kiwi diving board on the water front lol

So nice to think Spring is just around the corner ..

This statue kinda creeps me out actually ..

Speaking of creepy .. !!

Well what else is one meant to do when one finds a near dero building but investigate!!?!

Don’t ask what that sign said!!

Wellington is such a nice city – even allowing for weird places like some I found today : )

So that killed a few hours today very nicely. But for now I have walls to wash (finally getting around to finishing that horrid chore) ..


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