Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 19, 2010

Stuff I know, now that I’m old

1. There is always room for one more house guest. Sod it, make it two more!

2. It is never a good thing to order champagne after drinking lots of red wine. Never.
Don’t DO it.

3. Visitors (the good ones) do not care if your house is a mess when they “drop in” unexpectedly.

4. It doesn’t hurt to book your housekeeper in for a Friday, number 3 aside..

5. Your chances of spilling red wine, tomato sauce or pasta sauce go up in direct proportion to the paleness of the shirt (esp your new fave one) you are wearing.

6. Kids may not turn out the way you want them to. There are just too many factors beyond your control. You have to love the lil snots anyway. (CJ this does not apply to you, you’re an amazing person, and just what I would have wanted my daughter to turn out like if I’d been given the options up front!)

7. No matter how much you think “keh!?” at times – your Mum and your Dad are just that.
And you’ll miss the HELL out of them when they’re not around to make you go “keh?”

8. Life can at times dispense lemons.
If that happens: juice them. Grab equal amts of ice, cointreau, midori and throw into a cocktail shaker then drink!

9. Risk taking is bad. We know this. We’re taught this!
But we should take risks, often! Maybe just think a little beforehand!

10. Say yes to that serve of pudding if you want it.
If you were on the Titanic (with knowledge aforethought!) you would, right?

This list will doubtless grow over time, so ya’ll come back now ya’hear!


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