Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 27, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday CJ

Tis fair to say that there are just some things in a lifetime one only needs to do once in order to know you never want to do it again. Example: Breaking both one’s ankles. Done it, don’t wanna do it again. Eating 8 weetbix without milk. Done. Gag @ the idea of doing it again! But I did win a bottle of rum for my efforts .. OH so grown up, I know 😉

But the ultimate “Been there / done that – never again” has gotta be giving birth.

Did it once, 22 years ago and have done everything in my power since then to prevent it!! Heck, my anti-babies affirmation is SO strong I even started to reject my own uterus – til finally the Drs realized I was serious and took it off me .. phew 😉

0 tolerance for babies!

But then I come unstuck when I think about CJ. I have an out tho’ – she’s not a baby any more .. hah!

To be fair, this pic is a few years old but oh well.. you get the idea – she’s gorgeous!

There’s no doubt that CJ was one of the most wonderful things going on in my life around 22 yrs ago.

This pic above was taken when CJ was 3 weeks old. We’d driven from Akld to HB to do “show and tell”. She was exhausted, I was exhausted .. it was hell. But it had to be done huh! That pic is taken at the family / ancestral home, #5. Wrapped in a shawl made by my Nana Corinne 🙂

CJ at age 5 – attending pigeon mountain primary school, Auckland. Isn’t she gorgeous? yeah yeah, I’m biased, sue me!

CJ with one of her friends at Sea World San Diego on a special trip organised by Mum & Dad.

CJ and Mum – I reckon CJ’s around 2yrs here .. Tops.

CJ and I in Sydney for her 18th birthday “girls weekend”..

CJ with Dad .. not sure where! Age probly 3.5?
What’s trippy is Dad is probably MY age in that pic ..
Wow – explains the lack of wrinkles heh

So anyway back to the story at hand – hmm do we wanna go here?
Maybe not … suffice to say giving birth to CJ was one of the most vile things I’ve done in my life.

Being CJ’s Mother and, ultimately – her friend, is one of the finest.

She has grown into a beautiful young woman, someone I am SO proud to call my daughter. Someone I truly adore..More than I can verbalise.

If I had to write a list of the things I’d want in my daughter, I’d write of CJ and have a big “check” beside everything on it.
And then some..

Sure, we’ve had our moments (altho nowhere as many as some seem to!) but boy am I glad I was given the somewhat awesome responsibility of being CJ’s Mum.

Happy 22nd birthday CJ.
Don’t ever stop being fabulous kiddo!

I love you,



  1. […] now .. as we approach CJ’s 23rd birthday in a couple of weeks time.. Last year I posted this birthday blog entry and made CJ cry. Not nice, I […]


  2. Well, some things just don’t change! Still looking forward to having CJ come to TEXAS exploring and that may not be too distant now? Hurry Partner!! We love you


    • lol She is excited too .. sounds like a few plans are being hatched 😉


  3. I agree with CJ – what a tear-jerker!


  4. The pic at uncertain place was taken at the Mere Rd boundary of Nature’s Way. Catherine is standing on a tagaste stump. (tree lucerne /cystisus palmensis) It grew again, despite the best efforts of the arboricidal lines company.


  5. Ahem, Grandy’s privilege . . .

    “Children do make a difference to one’s life, but it’s usually repairable.” Grand children are much the same. Perhaps more so. Well, special ones certainly are. Catherine is a hard act to follow, so maybe it’s just as well her mum stopped when she did.

    If there ever was any validity in the ’empty nest syndrome,’ ours was negated and over-filled by our grand daughter. She made her Nanny and Grandy so proud and our lives so rich. And there was something else, besides . . .

    Her mum.

    Joan gave Catherine into our care, more than is usual for most daughters. That showed great trust, was a great compliment and a great joy. The joy of sharing in Catherine’s growing up, in the way and measure that we were able to, was peerless.

    The school holidays which Catherine spent at Nature’s Way, when her parents were in Auckland. Every holiday – all holiday long. At each holiday’s end, her Nanny would stand and watch until the plane taking her cherished unaccompanied minor home had disappeared into the clouds.

    Then we drove home to await the inevitable phone call . . . I remember them so well. A choking, tear-filled and anguished,

    N-a-n-n-y, I’m missing you . . .


  6. I had CJ down for the 28th, but that’s tomorrow as all Texans know. Can’t help it you jumped the gun 22 years ago! I have to agree with you as to everything you said about your heir. CJ is a precious young lady and a joy to know and I look forward to showing her off some day on a trip to TEXAS.We’ll go out to eat and find something to break! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTNER.Love you CJ, James


  7. Happy Birthday CJ love us in greenmeadows xoxox


  8. Mum you made me cry on my birthday!!! 🙂


  9. Happy Birthday CJ!

    Wish I had a daughter exactly like you!


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