Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

So I’m sitting here barely able to see the screen as I type. I’ve had rather a nice / large amt of wine. Not enough tho, I can still feel.

Granted, Mum and I were not the same sort of people.
She was nice 😉

BUT she was my Mum.
And I loved her.
(Do I still love her? Can I love someone who’s dead?)

Whatever, she’s gone.

How the hell does that work?
I guess it gets easier with time?
I know it must or people would be annoyingly tragic all the time..

But – as with Mother’s day – there are times, when it really sucks that your Mum is dead.
Today is Mum’s birthday.

Nuff said perhaps.



  1. Must be on the same track. I just sent you my calendar reminder of her BD that came up when I signed on this morning. Take my word for it; it will get better with the years although the good memories will always be there. Love you Joan, Jim


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