Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 16, 2010

I think I need to hang with an older crowd!

What do glittery stars, orange and green finger nails, jager-bombs, sore feet, bleary eyes, one black lace glove, tequila shots, a random hair scrunchy, burnt mouth and a wee bit of a headache have in common? Me, it seems. Sheesh.

I woke up this morning around 11.30am with my hair up in a very 80’s pony tail with this scrunchy.

Relatively confident I didn’t go OUT with it in – so, wonder who’s missing their hair accessories today? 😉

I also have one black lace glove in my possession, I KNOW I didn’t have a pair of them so um whoever is missing the glove – sorry!

As to dragging myself out of bed to see glittery stars everywhere, on the floor, bed and my clothes – hmm.
I have gotta find someone to blame for this..

AND for the traffic cone that is in the middle of my apartment!?

Right now I am tossing up between Nick and Stephanie.

Although, Nick did buy me burger fuel at 2am to help soak up some of the liquid dinner we’d had. Steph did um .. what did she do again? Oh yeah she turned 30 lol

Pretty colours huh

Now if you will excuse me,  I need to go drink more water.
Have done the mandatory eggs benedict and 3 coffees.

Almost time for a nap!



  1. Mmm nice nail polish …


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