Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 17, 2010

Mars Bar Cheesecake – Recipe

Haven’t made this in some 15 or more years! But it worked out fine yay..

To make one big cheesecake (no idea of the tin size sorry, I’d guess 10″) you will need the following ingredients:

10 Mars bars
500g cream cheese – do not use lite, yuck
400 ml cream
1/2c caster sugar
3tsp gelatin dissolved in 100ml hot water (I leave this out as gelatin is made from cow’s skin but you can use it if you want to!)

300g crushed chocolate fudge cookies
100g melted butter
1tsp vanilla ess
1T cocoa pdr
1/2c choc chips

Eat one mars bar – for quality assurance purposes.

Grease a spring form tin.

Melt butter, add vanilla ess and using your hands (to ensure max. mixage!) mix the crumbs, cocoa, choc chips and butter mix together to form the crust.
Pack evenly onto the bottom of the cake tin and chill.

Beat the cream cheese and caster sugar til it’s smooth. I use a wooden spoon but you could use a blender ..
Add the cream, slowly as needed to help with mixing. OR if you use a whizz, beat the cream sep. Then fold it thru the cream cheese mix.

Throw in the chopped mars bars.

Add gelatin if using.

Mix everything together, pile into cake tin, cover and chill.

Best left for 24 hours to allow the caramel to ooze out of the choc bars, looks gorgeous when it does that.
But as a minimum, allow it to chill for 4-6 hours.

To serve:

Place on table, call out it’s ready and stand back! I only JUST managed to get this pic once it was served at work the other day!




  1. Having been on the receiving end of his cheesecake I have to admit it is the most amazing thing to eat ….. but to read what’s in it makes me feel quite ill LOL


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