Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 7, 2010

My name is Joan and I am a label basher

Do you ever find yourself looking around in other people’s pantrys? Or is that just some weird thing I like to do? It’s just as well most of my friends know me, cos I am sure it’s a relatively rude thing to do but oh well..

When I would go around to Mum and Dad’s, I’d just push one of the doors open and stand in the doorway looking into the pantry while I talked to Mum. Now THAT is what ya call a pantry. Not only is it bigger than my apartment nearly (sigh) it has these very cool double swing doors much like you’d see in an old saloon..

But I digress.. This is meant to be about me being a label basher, sheesh!

So I was @ brother Richard’s recently and found myself staring into their pantry. (Yes, this is heading on topic, honest..) They have a neat pantry too – recessed back into a side wall of their kitchen with a bench and units and shelves – it’s very cool and loaded with goodies as they’re both good cooks.

However I did find myself itching to rearrange the canned tomatoes she had in there.
Cos they had some non-branded tomatoes in front of the Watties or Delmaine or whatever brand that was also in there.

Which lead me to realise I never have anything like that in my pantry.

A) It generally tastes nasty and I don’t DO nasty food!
B) It’s UGLY. The packaging, the budget / no frills look PUTS me off!

Yeah yeah I know: pathetic, so sue me :-p

Now having worked in the factory that produces a lot of this stuff, I KNOW the short cuts that are made and not all are bad. For example: canned peaches. The cheaper brands simply do not have the same Quality Control around shapes and slice sizes. The more ‘up market’ brands want consistent sized slices.

They may not do it now, but back in the day they hired a student to stand and turn the halved peaches into the slicer to ensure they looked ‘just right’. The cheaper brands just wanted X amt in the can. End of story! Made for much cheaper fruit that kinda still tasted the same..

All that aside, I stand firm: life’s too short for budget brand cans, I say!



  1. LMAO I was going to say you need to get a job … but wait, you have one


    • Heheh yeah and STILL I have time on my hands *grins* Who knew how much time and work animals and family took up huh! 😉


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