Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 12, 2010

Titan vs. Ranch slider

You know that feeling when you get a phone call and just KNOW something has gone wrong? I had one of those the other day. 2 days ago now.

Titan was at my brother and sister in law’s, having a blast – running about like a mad thing, as he does. He’s always at highspeed, that boy.

Anyway Elinore said she heard this almighty BANG followed by a loud smash and thought ‘uh oh what’s he knocked over / broken’ – well he’d done one better than that..

He’d run right thru their big plate glass sliding door thinking it was still open.

It had been open when he galloped into the house and she’d just cleaned the glass then shut the door = so lesson learned: don’t clean your windows people!!

It cut thru to his skull, which was as ghastly as it sounds. The vet said there is 4 layers of stitching under the main flap of skin that has the uber-stitches in it.

The vet also said it was incredibly lucky he had his head down when he hit the glass or he could have hit his jugular and bled out or been blinded by glass in his eyes.

It’s only a cm or so away from them as it is. Ugh. Titan blind would not be a good thing. He’s so full of beans, it would be devastating to have him hemmed in by lack of sight!

ANYWAY there’s no need to think about that cos it didn’t happen. Instead he’s nursing the mother of all headaches and will have a tiny scalp scar (16cm long!) which will be covered when his coat grows back, we’re told. We’re thinking of changing his name to Lucky.

And if anyone wants to contribute to the vet bill – please feel free!
Don’t have the bill yet but I imagine it’ll be ‘substantial’!

What was funny (in that “bang bang” sort of way) was when Elinore called the vet down the road from their house here in Wellington they said “Can they pay?” – I guess some people would simply have the animal put down than spend the money on repair work such as this? 

When they all arrived in a puddle of blood and gunge, the vet then proceeded to outline the various options for what could be done to fix him up.



  1. I guess this is where you go, damn, I wish I’d taken out that pet insurance!
    So pleased to hear he is doing well.


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