Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 12, 2010

World Famous (in Wgtn) Rum Balls – Recipe

This is one of ‘those’ recipes. I go thru the pantry, see what I have, kind of throw it all into a bowl and hope like heck it tastes delicious. But in order to give the recipe to those who’ve asked, I have had a go at documenting what I actually use.


1 batch of my other world famous cookies (or use bought choc chip cookies, if you’re not wanting to be a dummy like me and bake then crush bikkies) 😉
½ c dried coconut (thread or whatever you have)
1c currants or sultanas soaked in 1 c dark rum
½c marshmallows – cut into small pieces (optional)
1/2 c good quality cocoa pdr
1 c chopped pecans
200g best quality dark choc chips
50g melted butter
100ml condensed milk
1t vanilla extract – best you can afford
1c rum – I often use coconut rum from Jamaica.
Any rum will do but do not use essence, tis nasty and you deserve to be beaten to a pulp if you engage in such shoddy cooking practices!

Soak the sultanas or currants in the rum. At least an hour .. ideally overnight. Melt butter, add condensed milk and vanilla essence. Set aside to cool while you do the rest.

Bash ten bells out of the cookies til they’re a fine crumb. (Try a blender, works well) 😉

Put all ingredients into a bowl and get messy! It is imperative that you get your hands into the mixture and mix it all up thoroughly. It cannot be done with a spoon .. and this is way funner anyway!

If the mixture is a little too wet, add in more crumbed cookies. You want a moist mixture that is almost sticky to touch.

When it comes to rolling them into balls, the trick is to wet your hands before you roll a scoop of the mixture in your hands to form the balls.

Place on a tray (if making heaps and it’s a hot day, put them in the fridge in batches) then roll them all in coconut or cocoa pdr and chill.

I find they’re nice if you leave them out an hour before serving, but this is an individual thing.

Oh and the ones I made the other day, I drizzled melted dark chocolate over them and then chilled ‘em.

*Can be made gluten free by using GF cookies in place of ordinary ones. And you can actually use any cookies, but I prefer the uber-choc hit of using choc coated cookies!

PS this mixture keeps for months in the fridge, so I tend to make a quadruple mix and let it ‘brew’ 😉



  1. I’ve been lucky enough to have partaken of Joan’s “rumbles” on two separate occasions – they are magnificently chocolatey & alcoholic without being overpowering. I recommend you make the effort.


  2. Sounds like something I would love(hummmm)!!!!


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