Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 15, 2010

Blackberry – Fail

So I’m a little cranky as I write this post, there – the necessary warning has been issued.

I bought my fancy blackberry phone one year and 3 weeks ago. 2 months after I got it, it crapped out and they replaced the battery. 2 weeks ago the damn thing stopped charging properly.

It’s like the connectors have bent slightly, so the connection isn’t always activated meaning it won’t charge up or transfer data smoothly from device to laptop.

I went to the shop, to say “fix it damnit” only to be told it’s out of warranty. I tried to suggest their crummy warranty might like to start again at the point where the damn thing LAST got fixed but they weren’t buying it.

What’s worse? (And this bit really ticks me off I am sure it’s against the law grr) they charge a flat fee of $250 to repair the damn thing if I wanna go there. HOW can that be? I know what is wrong with it, and I know it won’t take $250 to fix it!

But gee let me see: a $1200 phone yes I think I will get it repaired vs. throwing it away and buying a new one!

It gets worse tho!

They tried to sell me a new phone WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOP COMPLAINING AT MY BB BEING BROKEN! That’s right up there with a lawyer trying to sell a Will to the family who’s just come in to talk about their deceased Mother: Kinda creepy!

So, let me see – fork over $250 and have it repaired or fork over $800 or so for a new phone. BOTH options suck as far as I am concerned.

I love my blackberry – I honestly find it a really valuable tool.
AND fun too.

With this in mind, I have invented my own solution to the problem.
And it didn’t cost $250!

I expect orders to come flooding in from similarly afflicted blackberry owners..

Without further ado let me unveil my new blackberry charger system:

The left hand weight holds the USB connector in and down on one side. There is a little post it (god bless 3M innovation!) pad under the phone to tilt it slightly. (This was key to the system working – took a few goes to get this just right!)

Then the other hand weight sits on a packet of lipstick and counter-pulls the device up and over to the right, meaning the connectors CONNECT!

The whole deal has to be done on the bed, not a desk but it has to be on a CD case (“the IT crowd!”) for best results.

Simple, elegant (ish) and NOT $250!

Pffft @ Telecon!



  1. I like your work!


  2. i also had a problem as yours, for now, I moved onto Samsung Galaxy Tab, its really worth it. Thanks in advance


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