Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 14, 2010

Stuffed Capsicum (Peppers) – Recipe

I got all carried away the other day and bought a 4 pack of capsicums cos they were on special. Well heck, do you KNOW how hard it is for 1 person to eat 4 bloody capsicums?

In salads and sammies are my fave way of enjoying cappy-scum (as my culinarily challenged Dad who hates crapsicums calls them) but anyway I only use a few slices at a time so I wound up with 2 capsicums gone and 2 looking up at me reproachfully every time I opened the fridge, wondering why I wasn’t scarfing them down!

So I told them to get stuffed!

It was so simple and tasty too ..

I cooked up some brown rice (I fry mine in a little oil and butter with garlic, ginger and chilli then add stock not water – makes each  grain of rice a power pack of taste!) added in some toasted pecans (thank you James / TX!) some peas, corn and lightly sauteed shallots (onions would be fine, I had shallots tho) you could add any vege, celery finely sliced would be nice.. Corgette grated into it would be good. Nothing too bulky tho else it wont stuff right! And I also threw in some blue cheese. I think I’d omit that next time and use parmesan. Was nice but not ness.

Using a very (like, set it on the element for 10 mins so it’s smoking!) hot cast iron pan – char the capsicums (just adds to the flavour!)

So simply slice the capsicum in half, hollow out the seeds and spine and so on. Rub a little oil on each side and place on the hot pan. If you have a gas stove top, just fire them over the gas holding them with tongs. Nice and simple .. You don’t want them black, you just want them slightly charred and softened / cooked a bit.

Stuff with the rice mixture – scatter with fresh herbs and eat immediately!


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