Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 18, 2010

Vegetarian hamburgers – Recipe

TALK about a contradiction in terms but omg vege-burgers are so good. I have meat eater friends (I know, shocking!) who love my vege burgers so I thought I’d share the secret.


Burgers for 2:

2 of your fave burger buns – yep – 1 each.

4 slices of your fave cheese – I use plain old boring edam. It melts well and is tasty but not invasive.

Grill the buns with said cheese atop ’em just before you want to serve. They MUST be hot so do not do them ahead of time. I prepare all the ‘fixings” first then do the grilling and construct them and serve in a few seconds post grilling..

Slather on one side of each bun, a generous amount of mayo. I prefer best foods mayo.

Other bun gets tomato chutney or ketchup.

Oh and some mustard is always good too. Again – use your fave flavour of any of these things. I use sweet USA style mustard.

THEN add any of the following: (I use all of them!)

Fried onions – slowly caramelised in a fry pan for an hour or so..
Sliced tomato – do get ripe ones!
Avocado – big slabs of green gorgeousness!
Thin slices of red capsicum
Crunchy lettuce (I use plain old ice berg, fancy lettuce is nasty in burgers)

Add in:

1 fried egg per burger

Season with a bit of salt and pepper

Then serve on a hot plate with crunchy wedges and more sauces ..



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