Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 25, 2010

Living the high life

Yep that’s me. It’s Christmas day – where am I? At the office.. Why, I hear you gasp? Cos they have yummy coffee here and I don’t! *grin* So anyway, let’s examine my high life ..

Tis 9am, 25 Dec 2010.

I wake at 4am after a rubbish night’s sleep. I’m getting used to a new bed, in a new apartment, don’t know the sounds etc it takes a little time to adjust, I find. I’d spent a lonely and sad evening moping about alone. Mostly reminiscing about my Mum and misc. ‘stuff’ as one apparently does at times like this.

Not exactly smart I guess, nor designed to bring out the best in someone who’s guzzling red wine at high speed to numb the feelings but no one accused me of being a bright spark!

Anyway back to today.

Woke up and tidied apartment # 2 – i.e. my new one. CJ is coming back to Wgtn with me next week to stay so I want it to look nice before I disappear outta here later today. No mean feat when I’ve just moved in. Anyone open a single cupboard and LOOK out 😉

Put a load of laundry on. Sent a couple of emails. Spammed everyone in my blackberry with a happy Xmas text.. and wandered off to apartment #1 to clean it up ~ since my lease there ends while I’m away, it has to be done today or I will lose my bond.

Oh the irony, that damn flea pit is cleaner now, than when I moved in.. but that’s another post with pics to come, some time soon.. I must say it was lovely to be able to just move straight into the new place and not have to clean anything!

Now remember, one of the reasons I wanted to move was cos apartment #1 was too hot now it’s Summer, (OK and it’s noisy now thanks to Summer bringing out the smokers at the club next door!) Anyway, I’d forgotten this and I walked into the place and promptly had a melt down.

It’s a stunning cloudless and hot day here in Wgtn and the apartment was like a bloody oven! All good in Winter, less pleasant in Summer..

Loverly temps for cleaning (grumble) ah well.. I embark on the vacuuming, cleaning mirrors, shower, you know the drill. Got the camera so I can take some pics cos I don’t trust the property manager to not try and do something to score the “cleaning” bond they extract from all tenants. Not on MY watch pal!

Sweating like a dog, I finish up cleaning at 8.30am. Not a bad effort, the place looks awesome. Whoever moves in there is gonna be very happy.

I saunter back to my now new apartment and fold the laundry. Boy do I know how to show a gal a good time on Xmas or wot? 😉

Finally, the need for coffee kicks in too strong and that’s how come I am now at work, drinking piping hot coffee and writing this..

From my desk I can see Oriental Pde, the fountain just started up – it’s very pretty. There isn’t a cloud to be seen, the gentlest breeze is making the harbour water just ripple – can’t beat Wellington on a day like this.

Merry Christmas to me .. And to you, also!

Here’s to the high life 😉



  1. What, you’re not at home for Christmas. How does Santa find you? I’m so outta touch lol


  2. Merry CHristmas to you Joan.


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