Posted by: Joan Spiller | January 22, 2011

Mashed eggs for sandwiches – Recipe

Now I KNOW this seems simple but ohhh it’s good. And a nice egg sammie is a thing to behold (and scoff!) So ..

6 free range eggs
1/2 tsp plain ol’ salt
A good grind of black pepper (to taste)
3T (Tablespoons) of melted butter
2T best foods mayo – don’t sub this, it’s the bomb!
Some finely chopped parsley

Boil eggs til cooked (10 mins on med rolling boil).
Biff in bowl with other ingreds.
Cover and chill.

Serve spread on buttered wholemeal bread and eat with salt and vinegar kettle fries whilst driving from AKLD to Wgtn!


  1. Yes…. yes, I’ll be having this soon! FINALLY you post something that even I can make. Gary’s gonna be all kinds of impressed. LOL

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  2. Will it work if I eat it between Austin & San Antonio??


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