Posted by: Joan Spiller | January 26, 2011

Marrrmiiite Sandwiches.. – Recipe (of sorts)

So I’m on a bit of a sammie kick @the moment. My lunch yesterday consisted of 2 slices of fresh wheatmeal bread, liberally buttered then spread with marmite [only on one side tho or it overpowers it] and a fistful of finely chopped pecans – wedge the whole mess together.

Cut the crusts off (shut up, this is my sandwich) and ideally, wrap it in gladwrap for an hour to kinda smoosh nicely .. Then scoff.
Mmm so good..

ANYWAY I have decided to do a sandwich theme for awhile. i.e. ’til I forget or get too busy. This may be a bit like the risotto phase. 9 risottos later I was over it *grin*

PS I have to thank Nana Corinne for this idea – she uses walnuts as they have a beautiful big tree in their yard but I’m a bit of a fan of TX nuts er I mean pecans now so I switched to them awhile back.. Either works well tho.



  1. Can’t believe you are ruining good TX pecans with Marrrmiiite!!! UGH


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