Posted by: Joan Spiller | January 27, 2011

Berry Trifles – Recipe

Here’s one of my fave super simple, super sexy dessert idea for summertime.

1c strawberries
1c blueberries
1c raspberries
1c pitted cherries

1/2c icing (powdered) sugar
1c whipped cream, sweetened to taste
1c mascapone cheese

Dark chocolate to garnish

Slice the strawberries into 6ths from top to bottom (they just look prettier).
Reserve one berry per dish, keeping it’s greenery if it has any.
Put the icing sugar and berries in a bowl.
Mix and leave to stand while you 
prepare the cream.

In a sep bowl, gently beat the mascapone and cream together, adding sugar to taste. I’d suggest at least 1/4c caster sugar.

This mix should be pillowy and soft, so it clings to a spoon but does drop off without help!

Using 4 gorgeous dishes (I find tall drink glasses work well for eye-appeal) layer the berries and cream starting with cream and ending with cream..

Using a vegetable peeler, cut curls of chocolate onto the top and garnish with the reserved whole berry.

Can be made a few hours in advance but not too much more. If chilling in the fridge – be sure there are no strong smells in the fridge! 


Serves 4 – 6

Later I will post the more fussy way of making this using jelly and egg whites and other goodies!


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