Posted by: Joan Spiller | January 29, 2011

Bake off!

So the marketing dept in the company I work for does this weekly thing of a morning tea shout each Friday. The catch? They have a roster and everyone has to supply said morning tea! SOMEHOW my name got added to the list this year – for the coming Friday – so I’m having fun thinking about what I might do!

Of course, the boys in IT (the floor I’m on) say this is unfair, a travesty and other words that only IT types seem to know. They only think it’s unfair and a travesty cos they’re not gonna be @ the morning tea, mind you! 😉

One of the more helpful (snort) of the IT gentlemen suggested I might like to do a practice run / dress rehearsal sort of thing, to ensure the quality and quantity etc – helpful wee soul that he is (WJA….) So to make them feel better, I’ve got 2 chocolate logs on my “take back to work on Monday” list..

So yeah, I’m home this weekend which means I have the chance to do a little prep of some goodies before the morning tea shout on Friday.

Right now I have crostini baking in the oven, rubbed with garlic, drizzled in olive oil & sea salt – so good!

I have a cookie dough waiting to be baked into melt in the mouth choc nut cookies.

I have bread cases baking, to use for the .. mmmm nah not gonna say: I want to maintain some element of surprise here ..

But for now, I really should stop with all this cos I have my grandparents coming for lunch in a few hours and kinda need to get prepping for that. I’ve got big juicy slabs of dead cow marinating @ I type and am gonna serve steak, shoe string fries with aioli and a nice side salad. They both love their steak and often complain that it’s never cooked right for ’em, so they should enjoy this.

Oh and yes there’s dessert.. I’m gonna whip up some individual pavlovas with home-made passionfruit pulp and lashings of whipped cream.. love my passionfruit vines..

Is it lunchtime yet, I’m starved!

But first, time for a jaunt to Havelock North to my new fave cafe for a morning coffee fix..



  1. Well, Joan baby excelled herself. Not only was there too much food but she organised the IT boys to bring what hadn’t been eaten by the ravenous Marketing beasts within 30 minutes back up to the IT floor. Much wailing & gnashing by said Marketeers but delight by the IT Crowd (good name for a TV series that, don’t you think?). Three cheers for Joan – ‘One of the more helpful (snort) of the IT gentlemen’…


  2. Give the wrinkles my regards.


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