Posted by: Joan Spiller | January 31, 2011

Uncaffeinated Rant

So I’m sitting in Napier airport – trying to find something to be thankful for. That would be number 25 I believe. It’s hard. It’s 8.55am. I’ve been up since 5am baking chocolate logs to bring joy and happiness to the IT dept at work .. or chocolate logs anyway ..

I decided not to have any breakfast before setting off to the airport as I could enjoy a nice brekky in the koru lounge, followed by a coffee. Nice coffee too – they have a machine to MYO.

But no .. we’re not allowed in the koru lounge. Instead, I’m sitting *whispers* with the poor people, in the airport – in the dark. I mean heck, it’s bad enough sitting here in the airport with the poor people but in the dark it’s plain scary *grin*

One of the nice things about the koru lounge – other than an open bar and all-you-can-steal blue cheese – is the fact that you do not have to listen to children running amok, or playing video games. There’s no tearful farewells to watch. No awkward family groups to try not to watch. 

Nor do you have to listen to people whinging about their flights being delayed. In koru if a flight is delayed you simply sit back and go “oh well” and pour yourself another drink .. or fire up your laptop and work in the lounge .. no worries.

Down here, the natives get restless. After all, they have important things to do. Like .. I dunno what ..

My brain is on strike – lack of caffeine. If I do not get coffee soon I may have to .. oh damn I cant even get a coke out of the damn vending machines cos they’re power driven. GAH!

OK sod being thankful. I just heard one of the staff say to someone “Oh I wouldn’t worry about delays, it may give the wind time to settle down in Wellington, I wouldn’t wanna fly in there today.” See now we NEVER hear that sorta comment made in the koru lounge.. *cries*

AND my chocolate logs are melting in the heat here.. I’d planned to put them in the fridge in the koru lounge .. but no lol..

WOOHOO power’s on – scuse me, gotta head upstairs!



  1. Update – the chocolate logs were delivered to some very deserving souls. Two immense logs – you know the sort, as thick as Pine Tree’s thighs and as long as Star War’s opening credits – were devoured within seconds of their arrival. Fortunately Joan wasn’t hurt in the rush. 😉


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