Posted by: Joan Spiller | February 1, 2011

Sandwich – Recipe

One of my all time fave toasted sandwiches is very simple but oh so tasty. The trick is to use the best bread you can afford for this one. I like to use a bread that isn’t too “holy” so do not use ciabatta*. Something a bit more dense works best. Oddly, this one goes best with white bread, not brown or wheatmeal (see below for pic) ..

Heavenly (La Bella inspired) Toastie

2 thick slices of bread (I prefer Pugliese – google it!)
Enough buffalo mozzarella to cover one slice of the bread – don’t skimp on this. It aint a cheap sammie but it’s a goodun!
1 large ripe tomato – sliced.
Basil leaves, again qty depends on the size of your sammie, min 8 leaves.
Olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Preheat your sandwich press.

Slice the bread in half and brush with a little olive oil.

Lay the mozzarella on one slice of bread, cover with tomatoes and put 2nd slice on top.

Brush outside with rice bran (or any plain, non flavoured) oil.

Toast til golden.

To serve, open and scatter basil leaves, grind in some salt and pepper then serve drizzled with best quality extra virgin olive oil.

SO good!



  1. Where’s the beef?


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