Posted by: Joan Spiller | February 10, 2011

I miss my Mum ..

The amount of times I find myself thinking “I wanna tell Mum X” is still surprising to me, even tho I know she hasn’t been dead that long ..  Tis no secret Mum and I didn’t always see life from the same direction. She was into a bunch of things I just couldn’t grasp .. and I’d guess vice versa applied big time.

But boy does a Mother have some impact. Just the other day, I’d made something different to eat and thought “Mum would enjoy this.” This week I’ve made arrangements to have a catch up with Mum’s brother’s grandson.

I guess he’s kinda my cousin? My Mum and his Grand-dad are brother and sister .. ? Anyway he’s just arrived here in Wellington about to attend Vic Uni and I “facebooked” him. Mum would like that I’d done this.. No one else probly cares. Mum would love it..

As well there’s been the old faves: “Mum would like X” .. or even just “Wish I could call Mum to tell her how sore my back is.” Sure she’d give me all this useless herbal crap to take and I’d throw it away and say thanks (not in that order lol) but yep .. when it isn’t on offer, boy do ya miss it.

And Mums always seem to care when their kids are in pain.

I suppose in a perfect world, we perhaps never know what we’re gonna lose, til it’s gone? We just are lucky to have it, we may or may not fully appreciate it .. but by hell do we miss it when its gone?

All I know is that when I die (and I know it may sound odd) I’d kinda like to be someone who isn’t simple to replace. I don’t want to just be some words on a headstone. Some words in a newspaper clipping. I want people to think of me fondly and go “Gosh I miss her..”

Cos I miss my Mum ..



  1. […] know I’ve said all this sort of stuff before, in previous posts. So am unsure quite why I am writing this .. I guess it’s better than bottling it […]


  2. I still have the urge to call my Mom when something special happens… though she has be gone more than 10 years now. Everyone needs a Mom.


  3. I think photos of one’s parents looking happy with champagne flutes in their fists should be de rigueur. Nice posting


  4. You are not alone and others do care.I think of her often and wonder what guidance she would be sharing. It still hurts to think she is gone and I am only the niece.
    Nature’s way was a painful visit. I wont be back there. Not in a hurray anyway.
    Your mum would be proud that you and your brother have taken an interest in Kieran’s life. Thank you for making the effort. I trust he will appreciate it as well.


  5. Your mum was a fine lady and I am glad I got to meet her in 08. I can understand your feelings.


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