Posted by: Joan Spiller | February 28, 2011

I am thankful for # 99

yeah OK I’m cheating but I’m over it so deal with .. To be honest – I’m thankful for a million things.

Could it be stream of consciousness time?

Ooh this could be fun, OK here I go now – I am thankful for:

Cats, sunshine, family,vintners, Ian and Hannah, Freyas bread, danish butter, my blackberry, having a job, knowing how to cook, the washing machine quietly working in the background, dark chocolate, cars, pot plants, pesto, stationery (admit it, everyone loves stationery! Esp highlighters mmm!) paper towels, shoes, the interweb, recipes, not living in Libya, CDs, a mouse that works, dogs that protect and behave, a digital camera, detergent, towels, vacuum cleaners, email, good friends, petrol, a mouse that works, suitcases, apples, the remote control, sunglasses, toothpaste,  food in abundance, heaters, good health, kleenex / napkins, IT nerds, choc brownies, top gear, regular rubbish collection, deodorant, lemons, pigeons (Oh whatever, they are so cute!), tomatoes, mmm love tomatoes, good managers, rain coats, shampoo, lilies, gold, jif, french fries, dressing gowns .. so yeah you get the picture – there is a lot to be thankful for.

Maybe I shoulda just done a “I hate” topic, it would have been shorter. I hate flies.

Oh, and mean people.


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