Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 4, 2011

Quake up call

NZ seems to be on the move .. And not in a good way! First there was the devastating quake in Canterbury last Tuesday and the literally countless aftershocks. And now Wellington has had 2 in the last few days, just to keep life ‘interesting’.

Personally, I am happy not to compete with CHCH on this one!

Now tis fair to say that growing up in Hawke’s Bay, we were relatively relaxed about quakes. Which goes to show we’re also relatively unintelligent cos yeah ask anyone about Art Deco NZ and they say “oh yeah cos of the big quake that wiped out HB in the 30’s”. Yeah, relaxed is smart alright ..

But we were. I remember sitting in class many a time and a quake would slam into the (thankfully very sturdy) school at high speed and we’d all sit and look at the light fixtures swaying and at each other and kinda shrug and carry on.

One time I remember we had a new teacher from overseas. She dived under her desk and beseeched us all to join her. I believe the only ones who did were cos they fell of their chairs laughing. We were not nice kids at Rudolf Steiner School..

Now to be fair, the quakes we’ve had here in Wgtn are babies, compared to that one in CHCH. But they still are enough to rattle the nerves as well as everything else!

The one we just had today at 2.30am was only 4.7 and approx. um .. I’d guess 15km away from where I live in the CBD. Speaking of living in the CBD – not so much lovin’ being in the middle of a high rise apartment building during a quake.

This morning’s one woke me from my sleep, so it was pretty big in jolt-style if not magnitude. I think anything over 6 is starting to get up there. 4’s are just warning shots from Mother earth..

As I lay in bed twittering (literally, not electronically!) about a 2nd quake in one week, I found myself (cos it was fairly long) thinking where I would go if I did actually decide to get stressed out enough to get out of my warm cosy bed.

Cos a studio apartment aint exactly brimming with door jambs under which one can take shelter in a freakin’ earthquake! I can see my headstone now: Here lies Joan Spiller. Found face down in her loo, after taking refuge in the doorway of her tiny bathroom. Geez..

So after sending a few texts to people trying to wake them up so I wasn’t all alone scared – I tried to go back to sleep. But yeah, no .. not happening. So I am thinking to myself: What to do, what to do.

Toyed briefly with the idea of doing some housework. Got over that one fairly quickly.
Toyed brieflier with going to work.
THAT building is gonna fold like a pack of cards in the big one so no thanks..
Thought I could go for a walk but oh yeah it’s 3am in the morning – kinda dark and perhaps even dangerous.

ANYWAY I have got some more rum balls to make so I shall go get busy with that and then head off to work nice and early to make up for the amount of time I plan on wasting talking about how tired I am..



  1. Feel so helpless over here. Will keep you all in NZ in our prayers – as we have been doing since CHCH. Joyce


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