Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 5, 2011

Chocolate Mud Cake – Recipe

Wickedly delicious this cake is simple to make and tastes SO good!


400g butter
3 c sugar
2 c milk
4 T Golden Syrup
Warm together until sugar is dissolved then set aside to cool.

Add 5 cups of flour, then add:

2/3c dark cocoa (use the best you can afford, it’s worth it)
2 c milk
4 t baking soda dissolved in the milk
200g melted dark chocolate

Bake 160 degrees C for 2 hours (recipe will fill a deep 10-11” tin).

Now the trick here cos it’s a long cooking time, and a large cake: it to tie wet newspaper (three or 4 thicknesses – do not overlap at join) around the outside of tin..
Oh yeah and whatever you do, don’t use fan bake – it cooks unevenly and dries the cake out.

Test before removing from oven – just cos ovens do seem to vary!

Ice with chocolate ganache for a perfect finish..



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