Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 5, 2011

We heart Christchurch

Now it’s fair to say that the quake in Canterbury has affected me quite a lot. It’s affected a lot of people – NZ is that sort of place. We all know someone who knows someone.. For me, I have several very dear friends in CHCH and barring one, all are OK. So yes it’s fair to say, having a friend presumed dead in a pile of rubble probably does weigh on one’s mind.

Which could explain my need to ‘do’ something, when really all I can do is sit and wait, text friends and family about how we all feel and sit burning with frustration and sadness in equal quantities.

Do you know how weird you feel when you’re relieved to get a call to say “we think we’ve found his body“. Think about it .. it’s not the sort of thing one ever expects to think of as good huh. I know I never did til Wednesday when we got that exact call. It turns out it wasn’t him and so we wait.

Is it possible that he’s going to be one of the ones they never recover? How can they do that? HOW can they scoop bodies and bricks up for disposal? I don’t understand what they’re suggesting when reports say “we may never recover all of the bodies..” All very confusing and distressing.

I wish I was in CHCH right now so I could be taking people in, feeding them, helping them in whatever way was possible. One feels so helpless and useless when so far away from it all.

For my part, I’ve been baking – go figure 😉
Yesterday at work, I made a few rum balls and sold them. $176.25c was raised. Thank you to Public trust staff for being so generous..

Monday I am making scones which I will also sell and donate the proceeds to the Canterbury relief fund.

I’ve got a large box of petfood being slowly but surely filled up by staff here. I find it beyond comprehension how distressing it must be for the people who’ve had to leave pets behind or have lost their pets. Anyone who has one will know what I mean about how upsetting a thought that is.

So many people are doing so many neat things..

I know people who are drycleaning old linen they’ve had in storage to ship to CHCH.

I know people who have specialist skills and have gone down to help out.

Every second page on Facebook is about someone doing or offering something to help out. And we’ve all read about CJ’s efforts!

People are opening their homes to total strangers, so they can have some respite care for awhile, if they want to get away from the constant drama in CHCH.

And of course, there’s the people who are donating time after time, when asked in shops, in the streets, at bake sales, sausage sizzles – everyone seems to be doing something.

It’s fantastic and I know I often bang on about how UNproud kiwis seem to be of being kiwis – but for my part: I am very proud to be a kiwi, to see this combined effort going on for people here in our own country. Bit like with any tragedy, death or disaster: it’s just a shame we need this sort of thing to bring out the best in people huh..



  1. I’ve been wondering if they found that last friend yet. Has to hurt! Said a prayer for him/her?


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