Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 6, 2011

Chop chop!

Ask anyone who likes to cook and they will have a few ‘fave’ items in their kitchen that they cannot go without.  Mine are chopping boards, knives and small fry pans.

I have approx. 10 fry pans the size of side plates. I also have square griddle pans, a crepe pan, a cast iron wok, a few large sized cast iron fry pans and a huge electric fry pan. Oh and of course, I have heaps of plain ol’ sauce pans..

As well, I have more knives than I can count. And at least 8 chopping boards.
And I use ’em all, and some are even colour coded so there is no risk of garlic or onions sullying more delicate food / fruits etc

ANYWAY today I learned that eventually, putting a cheapie chopping board thru the dishwasher all the time, isn’t a good thing.. Who knew? Sheesh, am sure I do not recall a bloody warning saying not to .. *grumble*

So instead of a large chopping board, I now have uh 2 small ones?

Guess I better go shopping and get another one .. and yes: I know .. no more using the dishwasher to clean it, sighhhh ..












Another quality product bought to you by Briscoes..


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