Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 6, 2011

Of music, i-pods an’ other cool stuff

Now that rotten kid of mine often laments my poor taste in music. Personally, having heard the noise SHE calls music, I think that’s a bit rich.. but anyway .. for reasons that elude me, I am not exactly known for my musical ‘taste’. Well, not in a good way anyway..

That said, due to a variety of reasons, I am on the brink of caving in and buying myself an i-something.

i-dunno what it is .. i-phone, I think. My blackberry is pissing me off (‘scuse my french but oh MAN it is!) I know there is an i-pad (i-don’t think i-need one of them, got 4 boxes of old “Sell your house thru me” note pads from my brief stint as a scam artist) ..

All I need is a phone, email and facebook at my finger tips. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

I’d LIKE to be able to play the drinking game, have the light sabre and well .. there’s a few other apps I’ve seen that kinda float my somewhat sorry boat..
Shut up w the snickering k.

So, if I get one of those i-phone thingies, I presume it’ll play music, yes?
In which case I’ll need some music!

How exciting..

Um .. where does one get their music from these days anyway? For an i-thingie, I mean .. It’s all very confusing for this old girl..



  1. So have ya done it, have ya caved and got an iPhone? Now you’ll have to get iTunes to get all your music 🙂


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