Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 10, 2011

Apparently, 9375 people ..

have read my blog. And it doesn’t count the times I read it either (so they say) Wow .. So, yeah: which one of you people is stalking me??
Whatever, don’t stop: I like it..

I must admit, I am a little miffed at the lack of subscribers tho’. Seriously. Why are you not subbing to my blog, am I doing something wrong?
You no lika my recipes?
You no lika my themes?
My life?

You no like me??????????
Hmpfh .. wateva, don’t go there .. I’m feeling delicate today. I know!! Weird eh .. grins ..



  1. LOL James I am not really complaining, I’m thrilled @ the number of people who read my blog (and surprised heheh) 😉


  2. I would guess there has been more interest in ChristChurch and the loss there lately than in new recipes? We have cut back on a lot of our meals because of weight problems and expanding the list of recipes when there are others we have not tried is not an option.


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