Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 20, 2011

Italian Restaurants in Wellington

I just wrote the following review online for an Italian restaurant  that I recently dined at: “I would not ever dine in this restaurant again, nor would I recommend it to anyone: even someone I didn’t like. 

We were subjected to the most hideous meal (I was able to ‘wring’ the oil out of the croutons in my tepid/cold roast vege salad) there on Friday night and I have decided to make it my mission to ensure no one I know ever suffers the same misfortune!

Poor quality food was compounded by yobbo young (kiwi) patrons being allowed to stumble about and sing happy birthday repeatedly during their drunken after-dinner antics.

And as for the haughty waiting staff – well, they just “finished” it off to perfection with their bad attitude, bad service and generally lazy attitude to whatever it is you call those pesky people .. oh yeah paying customers.. Or not paying, as was the case..

It was inedible, therefore I refused payment. Simple feedback to give, really and to be fair: the “Manager” took it well. Shame, I was kinda ready for a fist fight – I was hungry! *grin*

For a fabulous Italian meal, go to Scopa. Not only do they know how to cook fabulous food, they do so with superb service. Which could explain the queues out their doors on a Friday and the available seats @ La Cruddy Pasta..

CJ and I were still keen on some Italian kai this weekend, so we went to dine at Duke Carvells last night for our supper. We arrived around 9pm. The place was busy but not overcrowded. There’s a nice seating arrangement, so a table for 2 doesn’t feel like a nuisance amid a crowd.

With quirky ‘stuff’ to look at while you wait on your meals, I find DC’s a real treat every time I go there. Good coffee and food for brunch on a weekend and gorgeous drinks plus meals in the evenings. Oh and even the loo is worth a nosy!

I wholeheartedly recommend their food – it’s some of the best I’ve had..

All of this is hardly surprising when you think the place is owned by 2 brothers (we were actually served by Lorenzo, co owner) who were sired by Mr Il Casino (A real Wgtn institution, not just one promoting itself as such on a website lol) and as CJ observed: they just seem to give a damn. It is obvious in the experience we get as customers, too.

Funny too – I did some poking around online to find the website links for this blog entry and found out that these guys also own Crazy Horse Steakhouse  which is right next to where I work .. so although I am a vegetarian, one day I plan to eat there just so I can say I’ve done the tri-fecta of their eating establishments!

For now tho, it is 8am. The sun is almost up .. tis time for me to skulk away and go in pursuit of coffee..

PS What did we eat?

Both of us had the Sage and Gorgonzola Gnocchi – pillowy clouds of tasty perfection. I plan to start a campaign to ensure they never take these off the menu!
What you need to know is I’ve not ever been a fan of gnocchi so this is the biggest turnaround imagineable, trust me!

As well, CJ added Beetroot and Goat cheese bake as her side. I had Pumpkin, Spinach and Caramelised onion gratin as mine.

We also had dessert, a fried milk concoction – I don’t know how to explain it.
It was like a warm pavlova meets a pannacotta. With beautiful berries on top.

As to the drinks, I played it safe and ordered red wine from Italy.

CJ was brave (she always is, when I’m shouting!) and ordered a very unusual cocktail which turned out not to be to her taste but I thought it was delish.

Imagine a bloody mary on steroids. CJ called it spicy chutney in a glass! LOL



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  2. HAHAHA oh my god I can’t believe you went to La Casa Pasta!!!!!!!!! This is me: rolling on the floor laughing.


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