Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 24, 2011

One final fundraiser for CHCH

So in the next couple of weeks I plan to do a fund raiser of a different kind.
I’m gonna raise “pet food”!

My theory is I will cook up a bunch of yummy treats and sell them IN exchange for pet food.

Cos there are so many hundreds and hundreds of unclaimed pets roaming CHCH, being picked up and cared for by volunteers etc, it breaks my heart to think of any of my babies in that situation.

Not sure what I will make yet ..

Maybe choc mud cake, lamingtons, rum balls and scones.
Lolly cake??
I want to cover every taste bud lol..

My posters will say “bring canned food or bring money” (I will buy canned food and drag it to CHCH myself!) ..

So .. what else could I make to encourage people to cough up lots of dosh for the homeless pets of CHCH?
Ideas gratefully accepted!



  1. Easily $200 made from yesterday’s effort, we rock PT 🙂


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