Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 2, 2011

Food, food, glorious food!

So I’m off to big brother’s for dinner tonight. Both he AND his lovely lady are fabulous cooks so this is indeed a treat.. Except for 1 thing, I’ll have to drive home, so won’t be able to swig back as much wine as I would normally whilst we sit and solve all the problems of the world.. but oh well.. will make life easier at the office tomorrow if nothing else 😉

I have a bit of a dilemma tho..

I’ve got too much food in the fridge and not enough meals in the day to consume it! Said dilemma is not helped by the fact I’m going out to dinner and I’ve just been out to brunch on the beach @ Scorching Bay (Altho I LOATHE the name of the cafe, they do lovely food, gorgeous coffee and the location: well it’s just perfection.. Def better than La Cruddy Pasta) 😉

Wonder if buffalo mozarella, fresh tomatoes and crusty french bread would be nice for pre dinner snack and then maybe some leftover Mee Goreng for supper after I get home tonight..? And maybe leftover sesshwarn tofu for a 3am snack and then Asian Style Eggplant for 5am feast and then chilli infused haloumi on rocket for breakfast?

That will leave me some parmesan, some reggiano, some giant green olives, 8 free range eggs, a pkt of cream cheese and red wine for Sunday brunch .. (eep!)

What’s worse is I wanna head to Moore Wilson’s soon and that always means more yummy treats 😉

Life’s rough, I tell ya!


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