Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 2, 2011

It’s a dangerous world – A rant

Just how stupid are human beings these days? Do we really need to have 4 cones in front of a tiny bit of dug up concrete, against a building / not where we’d normally walk anyway?

I spotted this on Lambton Quay earlier in the week.

Maybe the end of the world is in fact nigh.. Clearly we’re all just too stupid, hell bent on nothing more than wasting O2 and the planet’s had enuff of us!

However did we survive before warning cones, high viz vests and squishy padding on our playgrounds?



  1. I’d prefer your prevention-mad culture to the crazy mix of “ahh, sure’n it’ll be grand” + “I’ll sue you” that I’m living in now.


    • Maybe somewhere in btwn would be better lol oh if ONLY ..


  2. Sad isn’t it, but it’s all caused by ambulance chasing attorneys who love to sue because their client is to dumb to help themselves. Someone would walk between the cones and building just to have an accident so they could sue! Sounds like the woman that sued McDonalds because she spilt hot coffee on herself!


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