Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 2, 2011

Moroccan Crookery Skool

I don’t quite know where to begin tonight.. Part of me feels ever so slightly mean for slagging off Abdelghali or whatever his name is .. but really, he’s begging for it.

Much like we were begging to learn how to use spices and make yummy food.. Oh no that’s right, we didn’t beg: we paid for it.

What a gyp.

Now don’t get me wrong: the food I’ve made in classes thus far has been yummy. But I’d venture to suggest it’s ‘despite’ Saleh’s tuition, as opposed to ‘because’ of it..

Take tonight. We rock up and half the bloody class is there already. It’s 5.20pm.. Class it meant to start at 5.30. Ruddy teacher’s pets..

So they’re merrily prepping and way ahead of the game. Salib tells us to prep our veges based on his recipe but not to do any cooking. No idea why .. but we duly start to prep too.

(PS my guess is they came early cos we left early long before they’d finished last week but I dunno, it is just a guess)

Now our friend ‘DK’ is not there at this time .. Let me tell you about DK.

Seems he was given a Moroccan cookery class as a gift from his wife / significant other, that’s what he told us. And he was silly enough to join Leah, Monique and I in our lil 4-station cubby on night #1.

We had a few giggles on night #1 and he advised us he’d not be back for night #2 (maybe he’s in on it??) due to work commitments, but he asked me to facebook him the ingredients list so he could be ready for tonight: night #3.

Of COURSE, being the lovely person I am: I duly did this. With perhaps just a few additions. Tis fair to say poor DK is prbly still confused as to why he needed 2 bottles of red wine, 500g roasted macadamia nuts (we thought we might like a snack) and 1kg of marshmallows.

As well as the other stuff like chicken, chilli and veges.. HOWEVER DK was a no show on night #3 as well as night #2. Tsk ..blamed work, said he was ‘in a meeting’. Uh huh sure ya were DK.

Meantime, we’re chopping onions, garlic, capsicum, corgettes, egg plant (vego option) ripping open cans of lentils, and killing the chicken in a large pot ..

Now Miloud kept wandering around saying “don’t start cooking”, for reasons at that time (and still now!) unknown to me.. But once I’d prepped all my ingreds, which didn’t take that long.. I kinda got bored and just started to cook..

And wow did it cause a stir. I had a very hot fry pan and in it I browned off some cubed egg plant soused in olive oil, butter and assorted “Moroccan” spices.

Moroccan my arse. More like Thai meets Indian meets Google. This isn’t fusion cookery – it’s plain CONFUSION.

I actually reckon ol’ Jilali Googles “Moroccan food” each week and desperately finds something simple to let us cook. Honest to god, I think this is what the deal is.

Except he’s not that smart cos he aint taught us about the basics yet and excuse me, but our first class (“Moroccan flat bread”)  he gave us a recipe for leavened bread (identical to the one in the Edmonds Cook book no less!) and told us to simply ‘bash it down’ to make it flat bread. OMG!

ANYWAY .. I browned off the egg plant then set it to one side so I could cook the potatoes, onions, corgettes and what not .. egg plant needs it’s own time in the lime light or it’s just nasssty .. think: tasteless sludge. Mm there you go ..

Meantime, Abdhul expresses some concern at me cooking things one at a time. I was at this point, sauteeing the potatoes in butter and oil.. with spices. And planned to add the other ingreds once the spuds had cooked off a little. Bless his cotton sox.. ish..

Once I explained why I felt it was important to cook the spuds for a minute or two before cooking the softer veges, he went away. The man has clearly NO clue about timings ..

Within 30 mins I had a lovely semi rattatouille dish ready. Everyone else had chicken stews of varying qualities.. Abdool had a few more grey hairs and if anyone wants any chick pea stew from night 1 or 2, let me know: I’ve plenty in the freezer still..

Moroccan Cookery School: Fail.



  1. Only one question: Why aren’t You the teacher????


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