Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 3, 2011

Kids shouldn’t be seen or heard – A rant

So this post is likely to offend anyone with children (or grandchildren). Anyone with children who are *out of control little $#@!%’s, that is.

You see, I really really dislike going to a cafe or restaurant and having to listen to *your child playing, wanting to touch the baby, crying, trying to get your attention, spilling their food, needing to go pee pee or desperately wanting milk not water to drink..

Now when CJ was a little girl, I took her with me to a lot of places but the deal was “I love you and you’re welcome to come with me but whilst in this situation you will be seen (no invisibility cloak in those days) but not everyone wishes for you to be heard.”

A pretty simple rule – even the dimmest of kids could comprehend.

Nowadays it seems that little Jonty or Serenity is just so, so precious that Mummy and Daddy couldn’t possibly stifle their “personality” by suggesting that oh gee may the kid shut the hell up and behave themselves, when 50 or so other people are trying to relax and enjoy their meal / coffee out.

I’d venture to suggest tis actually those very kids who need their personalities stifled, squashed – adjusted – whatever. To prevent them turning out like self indulgent annoying ignorant pratts.

Why is it so hard for some parents to control their kids?

Today I watched (and heard – as did everyone within a 50m radius) both the Mother and Father of a child < 4yo negotiating with him about a) being quieter cos he was shouting incessantly and b) picking up his toys so the wait staff didn’t trip over them.

Since when do you negotiate with a bloody toddler? Their ability to reason or think rationally SHOULD be slightly less than yours, as their parent / the grown up.

By all means, there are lessons for kids to be learned and I’m all for that sort of carry on. Teaching consequences is one of the most important lessons for a child to learn. But hey you’re in a public space, ruining breakfast for a bunch of people .. Time and place, people.. time and place!

Why not take charge of the situation and tell the child what the terms are and then stick to your guns and leave if the lil snot disregards what you want them to do?

Why not look around you and see every single person is wincing every time little Joshwaaaah screeches at mummy and daddy whilst refusing to do as you ask.

I don’t get it!

Do they not see the rest of the patrons looking on in dismay and horror?
Do they not look at their off spring and go “gosh you’re a brat, I need to fix this”?

Oh .. Maybe they didn’t have any discipline or rules in their childhood?

Good lord imagine what the next generation of that family are going to be like – doesn’t bear thinking about!



  1. Should have smacked the little bastard. That’s what would have happened in my day. Oh, no, wait, that’s what would have happened when dad got back to the car where we had all been left with a packet of chips while he was in the pub…


    • Smacking isn’t the only way to teach kids lessons ..


      • But it works…


  2. Brad and I left a restaurant between our entree and main because of an unruly child. We were so sick of hearing the parents asking this child to be quiet, eat it’s food, don’t throw your food, don’t tip over your glass etc etc with NO CONSEQUENCES at all that we went for a walk in the hope they would leave. The poor restaurant staff were beside themselves and very apologetic and even called us while we were out on our ‘walk’ to let us know the family had left the restaurant!


    • I have left restaurants before cos of kids too .. It really incenses me when parents are inconsiderate of other people who have gone out to enjoy themselves – maybe even paid for a sitter themselves – only to have it impacted on by poor parenting / snotty kid/s! Must be hard on cafe owners / staff to have to contend with! I’d support a kid-free restaurant if there were such a thing, that’s for sure..


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