Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 4, 2011

Chinese Style Eggplant – Recipe

All credit to the teacher of my Asian cookery class for this amazing recipe: Mindi Clews is her name and she HAS a clew (or two!) about cooking .. yeah, my “Modern Asian” cooking classes are going ever so slightly better than the Moroccan debacle 😉

Last night we “whipped” this treat up and I mean treat – it’s out of this world.. Better still? It’s simple to make .. MY kinda cooking ..

To serve 2 you will need the following ingredients:

600g egg plant (2 largeish egg plants, I found this to be)
2 t finely chopped fresh garlic
2t finely chopped fresh ginger (expect a rant about this later – wow .. loving what I’m learning in this class!)
2T sugar
60ml rice wine
60ml soy sauce
1T black vinegar
1tr chilli bean sauce
2t sesame oil
1/2c water
Oil for cooking (quite alot, I used rice bran)

Cut the egg plant into 1cm cubes. I made mine a tad bigger cos I didn’t pay attn (shhh) and thought it said inches..

Finely chop the garlic and ginger. Mix together with the rice wine, soy sauce, black vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, chilli bean sauce and water.

Finely slice the spring onions (incl the greenery!) and set aside for garnish.

Heat oil (start with 3T) on a med/high heat and fry egg plant til golden. Stirring constantly. This took me approx. 8 mins.
Slug the sauce mix into the egg plant and cook gently until egg plant is soft and the sauce becomes syrupy. It’s almost all absorbed..
Stir now and then to prevent it sticking.

Garnish with the chopped spring onions and serve with steamed rice.

Or scoff out of the wok and order everyone else pizzas ..

This dish reheats well but if I was trying to be critical, I’d say it’s not the sexiest dish on earth. Egg plant just aint.. Tastes amazing tho, so definitely worth it..



  1. Terri, Mindi IS wonderful. I agree! I’m gonna have cheese lessons with her as soon as I can .. the idea of whipping up my own haloumi or making some mascapone. SO cool!! Hope you are well 🙂


  2. Hi Joan,

    It’s been a while. 🙂 WB to Welly.. when did you get back? Mindi is absolutely wonderful, I agree. If you haven’t yet, talk to her about cheese. 🙂



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