Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 6, 2011

Asian Cooking Classes

Yes I know, I am becoming repetitive with my posts about how cool this Asian cooking class is, but it’s just so good! Tonight we made sweet and sour pork and (fresh) vietnamese spling lolls.

Now I admit, I was not overly excited about either option, but I was determined to give them a whirl and see what they were like before saying “yuk” .. 


Well I am sorry folks but omg ewww S&S pork just looks hideous! All gelatinous, gluggy, pink and nassssty .. and then you throw in some dead pig!

The spring rolls I was even less excited about. I once tried to make them with my grandmother – as we were trying to find ways to make yummy treats for grand-dad when he was diagnosed as gluten free.

Rice papers seemed a great option!

Remind me to blog about *that* wee disaster but suffice to say: rice paper cookery was a great big fail that day.

So anyway, tonight I have fluffy white rice, sweet and sour (thai style) tofu + veges all set to go for dinner and I have the filling for spring rolls that I refused to make into any more after trying 2 and going “gerk”. Gosh they are nasssty.

The rice paper concept is great and I SO wanted to like them. But they kinda swell up in your mouth and defy you to eat them.. vs. tasting good or being even remotely yummy.

I’d just as soon eat the filling and some rice on the side. Without all the faffing about with soaking rice papers and rolling the flipping things up!

Will post the sweet and sour recipe soon and trust me when I say it is SO worth trying. mmM Mmm so not what I was expecting!


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