Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 10, 2011

Falling Water – Recipe

This is CJ’s favourite drink in the world at the moment.. It’s called Falling Water and we’ve had it a few times at Foxglove, a rather fabulous bar located on Wellington’s waterfront.

It’s very simple to make tho so sod bars – DIY!

Simply slice a cucumber longways and put a length of cucumber into a tall chilled glass. (Skin on the cuke)

Add Ice (to the top of the glass)

Slug in 2 measures 42 Below Feijoa Vodka

Top up with Ch’i (You can use lemonade but Ch’i is gonna be nicer – and I am not a ch’i fan so that’s saying something!)

Drink up!

See CJ, told ya I’d find you the recipe .. chatted the wait staff up at FG the other day just for you 😉



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  2. Kim and Casey are making a new non-alcoholic drink that sounds like this without the vodka. It has sliced cucumber, lemon which is chilled and poured over ice. It is just a substitute for plain water and taste good.BTW, she is doing well from the surgery.


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