Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 19, 2011

I’ll put the FUN in funeral!

Ya know how everyone says nice things at people’s funerals .. (even if they were utter jerks?) I often wonder what my funeral will be like .. well, ok not often but now and then I do.

Why? Cos its fascinating! OK and also cos there’s tons of people on this planet who I am pretty sure wouldn’t miss me one bit if I wasn’t on it, breathing. Or even in it, not breathing!

But ya know what I’d really hate?

I’d really HATE if my funeral was full of people attending just for the cocktails, wine and tapas (yeah, like I want a cuppa tea and rubbish quality scone served @MY wake!) or even worse: people attending just cos they felt obliged to.

Ideally, I’d have people attend who are there cos they kind of enjoyed being in my world, sharing things with me .. in whatever way was special to us.

Or maybe they’d not attend at all.. choosing instead to honour and remember what we were in some other way, more fitting to them and me. That works too ..

Why am I being so maudlin all of a sudden?

Cos I fell over and spilt my wine at Duke Carvell’s on Friday evening.

YES I KNOW – it’s a bit of a stretch to draw that connection.
But stay tuned.. I will explain at some point!



  1. I guess spilling your wine would cause you to think like this. I’m worried that nobody would miss me when I snuff it… hence the birthday party. At least I KNOW I had some friends and I was able to join in. When I’m dead and if anyone cares to wander aimlessly along to make sure I’m gone, I would be PISSED OFF if they got to eat and drink and I miss out! Story of my life really… now people ask me “are you Miss, Mrs or Ms” I feel like saying Mrs…. Mrs Out! hahahahahaha!


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