Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 20, 2011

Wanting what we can’t have..

So everyone who’s anyone (and a few others, to boot!) know that I am incarcerated in my lil shoebox [apartment] at the moment, with a manky looking knee – technicoloured, no less – and an uber-cankle.

Don’t believe me? Check these out:









And ever since this lil incident occured I’ve been craving things that I cannot have .. (I cannot have them cos I cannot get to the shops to buy them) WTF is that about? Sheesh!

Take last night. I SOOOO badly wanted mushroom risotto for tea. I had the basics: I had onions, garlic and arborio in stock. I had stock in stock too! I had no mushrooms tho. I needed my fave mushies <– click there to see them, they’re out of this world, a must try!

So I made a vege curry instead.. Out of potatoes and onions. MM-MM..<– insert sarcasm font here.

And yes, I know .. by the time I get the damn mushrooms, I’ll be over wanting the risotto of course ..

No one said I had to be rational or anything, did they?


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