Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 21, 2011

It’s just not right!

Vegetarian meat. Talk about a contradiction in terms. Now if I am being charitable, I can understand the need for meat substitutes for maybe 3 reasons.

1. A meat eater who’s become a vego may notice a huge gap on their plate and having a vegetarian ‘meat’, helps them not feel cheated at meal times.

2. Vege-meats can be a good way to boost protein in an otherwise unbalanced diet.

3. Many recipes can be adapted to be vegetarian but do lose something without the meat products. So a substitute mince or sausage can be of use in this situation.

Some things however simply do not deserve to be replicated in vegetarian form. I mean heck, what on earth are they thinking when they make something like this?

And lookit the words on the side: “health diet, delicious food, vegetarian” – love how the thesaurus can be so mis-used!

I’m also loving the lovely layer of fat that is so, so good on a pork chop but omg can you just imagine how bad it’s gonna be on this .. this .. thing?

Most of you will know I am a life time vegetarian. This – by default – gives me the right to slag off vegetarians, vegetarian food and vegetarian fads. So there.. And admit it, you’d rather eat cat snot than chew on that pork chop oops I mean pork chop SHAPE .. geez it makes me think of something you’d give a puppy to play with.

I wish I’d bought one now, just so I could open it and poke it .. Oh well, next time I’m in the shop, I will. Just wait for that wee rant. 😉


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