Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 22, 2011

Feijoa Jelly – Recipe

So this recipe now exhausts my supply of “what to do with that latest bag of bloody Feijoas” we all go thru’ each season 😉

You can adapt it to use other fruits (i.e pear, quince etc) using the same recipe.

Wash and cut up feijoas. Leave the skins on .. I’m all for lazy cooking!

Put into a large stainless steel pot, adding just enough water to barely cover the fruit. Cook until very soft.

Strain, but do NOT squeeze the flesh.

Re-strain the juice using a fine sieve.

Measure (in cups), how much juice there is. Bring it back to the boil ..

Add 1 cup of sugar to each cup of juice you have and add in the juice of 1 large lemon – this acts as a setting agent.

Keep stirring while this is simmering and don’t panic – this jelly produces a lot of scummy goo, just remove it using your sieve every now and then.

Test for “setting” by the usual means and then when you’re happy with it, cool slightly and pour into small sterilised jars and seal.

I’d also do some in small square containers so it can be sliced up once firm. Looks gorgeous on crackers with cheese.. Or as a tangy taste sensation on a ploughman’s platter.



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