Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 22, 2011

Bike racks – A rant

What’s wrong with this picture? Spotted by yours truly a few weeks ago at a local railway station..

That fancy looking contraption on the left is not art work .. it’s a bike rack.

Now look closely at the picture and tell me what you see on the right hand side..


Seems the local councils have “invested” in these very cool new bike racks for everyone to make use of at the train stations here in Wellington. So far I’ve never seen one in use.

But I have seen the old fashioned bike racks in use .. you know the ones: Chain and power pole. Chain and fence. Chain and sign post.

I’m loathe to ask how much these cool new racks cost – how much do you think it would be when you take into account consultation, design, socialisation, approval, build, installation and such things?

Best we don’t go there huh..



  1. As a long time bike rider, I must tell you we bikers like to be different. If it is permissive, then it is not desirable! Seriously, I wonder if the cable/chain locks work on the fancy ones? They are usually only so long and are attached around the bike frame and whatever. The way the parallel bars on the work of art curve in, I wonder if the front wheel can go far enough for the cable/chain to reach the frame of the bike? If it will only reach the wheel, then it only takes a second to release the axle and walk off with the frame and back wheel. A new front wheel is not that expensive. Just a thought!


  2. So once you have bikes sticking out from them they are going to take up a shit load of room, right? What a dumb design! No wonder the bike is leant against the pole, much more sensible


    • I know!! lol .. I think the design is meant to take up less space .. yeah cos train stn platforms are so crowded in Wgtn lol


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