Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 23, 2011

My hoppy place

So I’m back in the Bay this weekend for Easter and having a blast.. So far I’ve re-invented my Feijoa Chutney recipe – and it’s even better than it was! (You’ll either have to make both or just trust me k)

I’ve got a veritable cauldron of french onion soup bubbling away. There’s a very creamy, thick leek and potato soup blipping away in a pot next to the FO soup. A meaty (4kg of dead cow!) stew brewing in the crock pot. I like to send the wrinklies home with tons of “leftovers” so Nan doesn’t have to cook for a few days.

I’m about to sit and make pink lamingtons.

Then I have to make bread crumbs (gluten free) to roll the camembert in – Grand-dad is coeliac so I have to be super careful with today’s lunch.

As well, I am going to make some pesto, from fresh picked / home grown basil to pop in the freezer for that Winter’s day when a taste of Summer is required.

Then will hit the shops to get the ingredients to make CJ some of my gorgeous new Asian recipes ala Mindi and my cooking classes which finished last week..

I think after all of this, I shall collapse on the couch and waffle with my Nan / relax for the afternoon .. 😉


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