Posted by: Joan Spiller | April 25, 2011

Of wrinkles & memories..

Grandparents – everyone should have one. Ideally 4. I guess people can even have more than that, in this day and age! Me, I am very lucky to have 2 – Corinne & Russell Spiller.

Unlike so many kids who never knew their grandparents, I was ‘lucky’ in that mine lived in the same town as us. So when I was growing up they attended every birthday, Christmas and other important events.

They feature in so many of my childhood (and adult!) memories I can’t even begin to isolate one ‘fave’ over another .. but if I had to, I’d say my Christmas memories are the best.

We’d always head to #5 – the ancestral home (named very originally after the street number lol) mid-afternoon. Nana would be cooking up a storm, Grand-dad would be dispensing drinks and general bonhomie to anyone and everyone.

Grand central station doesn’t begin to describe #5 on a normal day. On Xmas day it was bedlam. I loved it!

The adults would be busy cooking or sitting around yarning, we ‘kids’ would play pool and hang out together. Then we’d eat a sumptious buffet style dinner and the yarning, hanging out and talking nonsense would continue late into the night..

Nana must have been exhausted by the end of Xmas day, cos she worked all day to ensure we all had a fabulous time!

Speaking of fabulous times, I have both Nana and Grand-dad coming for lunch today, so better get busy. I like to make something a little different for Nan to try, whenever they come over. And Grand-dad’s has to be gluten free, so I get to experiment with all sorts of things.

Today we’ll be having gluten free crumbed / deep fried camembert with my home made feijoa chutney.

Then we’ll have french onion soup, beef casserole with a creamy potato and kumara topping. Followed by pink lamingtons and some lovely home made choc pots if anyone needs anything later in the afternoon.

Should be a good day!

I better go get busy cos it takes me longer to do stuff at the moment. Old age 😉



  1. […] You all tolerate that CJ is a common theme in my blog – as I wax lyrical about what a cool person I made (grin) well there are others I’m extremely fond of .. for example: Corinne and Russ, my grandparents. […]


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