Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 1, 2011

Death by Chocolate – Recipe

WARNING – this isn’t a recipe, it’s actually a heart attack masquerading as a dessert. Not for the faint hearted.. Nor those counting calories. Unless you like HIGH numbers..

I wanted to make something a little wicked for my Nana as she has a sweet tooth and it was Easter – so it had to be chocolate really. Unfortunately, I only thought of this brilliant plan as I was 2 hours from serving lunch (and had already made lamingtons..!)

Undaunted, I decided it had to be done.

Riffling thru the pantry I found a 350g bar of dark chocolate. I had 1 litre of cream in the fridge. And I had booze. Voila – I had puddin’!

It was very simple:

Whip 500ml (2c roughly) cream til soft peaks form. If you have a super sweet tooth, add 3T caster sugar to the cream and / or some vanilla. I keep a vanilla pod in a container of sugar for this exact reason.. Chill this cream while you melt the chocolate.

Melt the chocolate. There will be a wee bit of a discourse on how not to cock up chocolate melting later .. it was a fairly stressful situation for a moment there but I fixed it with the addition of lots of booze. To the CHOCOLATE, not the cook! More on that later..

Put 1/4 of the whipped cream into a bowl and pour the chocolate in then mix. This will go very runny, don’t panic. Next, slug in some of your fave booze.

I used Frangelico. But Masala wine would be good, as would Kahlua. You could also mix in a shot of espresso to make this a coffee treat..

Once combined, gently fold the cream and chocolate mix thru’ the remainder of the cream.

Ladle or pipe into serving dishes. I used glasses as the mousse mix looks kinda good.. I also drizzled some chocolate around the inside of the glass before filling them.. You could probably set these in moulds and unmould to serve .. I didn’t have time.

Cover tightly with clingfilm and chill.

Serve with chocolate shaved on top or maybe some raspberries if you have them .. I didn’t, so we went with chopped up chocolate and whipped cream.

Double whammy on the calories 😉



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