Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 1, 2011

Garlic bread – Recipe

I defy you to name 3 people who do not like garlic bread? Even the worst garlic  bread, i.e. from a pizza joint – is usually edible even if one must chew the innards and throw away the rubbery horrible crusts!

My basic garlic bread is oh my gosh delicious but rather wicked, so if you’re minding calories or have cholesterol issues – stop reading right now! If, on the other hand, you long for a delectable bread laden with garlic -&  herbs then stay right here!

To make my oh so wicked garlic bread you need to do the following:

Without guilt, buy 1lb of butter (salted is best).

As well, get some gorgeously crusty french bread .. failing that – some bread rolls.
Honestly, any will do – with what we’re gonna do to ’em next!

You will also need:

8 large cloves of fresh garlic
1 fistful of parsley – fresh, ideally
1t chilli flakes (crushed) or finely sliced if you do not have a mortar and pestle
2t finely minced fresh rosemary

Smash the garlic, add in the chilli flakes, then stir thru the herbs.
Add a pinch of salt and a hint of white pepper.

Mix all together.

That’s the easy bit. Now you have to force yourself to forget all the diets you’ve ever been on. Trust me ..

Pre-heat your grill to med/high heat.

Cut the bread into long halves. Each person will have 1, many will want 2 .. so make lots!

Now comes the hard part. Close your eyes if you must .. but do not skimp on this or it won’t be as good. Trust me..

SLATHER the garlic butter onto the bread halves. You want no bread visible, it should be a few mm thick and covering the bread from end to end / edge to edge. This is the key to it being “wow” when people eat it.

Just don’t tell them and they’ll not panic lol

Place on a metal tray and pop under the grill til golden. I do not like mine at all burnt, so tend to undercook mine but do to your own taste.. A little charring on the edges is good but no more, else it tastes a bit charcoaly (hmm is that a word?)

This is not something you want to leave to sit, so make it while your guests wait .. it takes all of 2 mins under the hot grill. And if served immediately, makes for far nicer bread..


NB if you want to have no heat to this: omit the chilli. Oh and why did I say buy 1lb of butter? Cos you’re gonna a lot on your garlic bread but will want to keep this in the fridge or freezer ready for the next time you feel wicked ..

Or roll some into a ball and slice it thinly then use as a garnish atop a gorgeous steak some time. It’s very useful to have ready in the freezer and keeps for months..

PS Try piling this with avocado and fresh ripe tomatoes – oh so good for a meal on it’s own. But as a companion to any pasta dish or soup – unbeatable!



  1. Hi,

    Garlic bread sounds awesome!

    For a great guide on growing your own garlic see below.



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