Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 2, 2011

Beetroot & Feta Salad – Recipe

This recipe is forming in my mind as I type. I’ve not yet made it, I will tho and if need be – will then change this blog entry. Suffice to say I am thinking beetroot, (fresh / cooked) with feta, spinach, gently roasted nuts (pecan or walnut – why not both) and a warm vinaigrette of some sort – it’s gotta be good.

Hmm, if not nuts, maybe some sort of grain (buckwheat)? And how about shallots? I’m a new fan of them since I found a cheap source – amazing how things taste so much better when priced right hah!

OK so how about this – we’ll chuck some fresh washed spinach leaves in a bowl.
Crumble in some feta. Goat is always best, fyi. Expensive yes but SO much nicer..
Maybe a few thin slices of orange capsicum?

Cook a fresh beetroot then peel and slice into chunks. (Do this bit first) I adore fresh beetroot, who doesn’t?
Add to the salad. Last, so it doesn’t colour everything purple!

Roast some nuts in a pan with a tiny drizzle of olive oil. Season them ..
Allow to cool a little then add to the salad.

Mix the following:

1 t mustard (for emulsifying)
Juice of 1 lemon
1 t olive oil
1 shallot – told ya I’d get it in somehow
salt & pepper to taste

Put all ingreds in a small jar and shake til combined.
Dressing: done!

I’m thinking we douse the warm beetroot in this then add the nuts then throw in the remaining ingreds so this is almost a warm salad. Scattering the feta on last so it doesn’t melt.. 

Now comes the fun part: Pile high on a plate and eat ..

Would go SO well with my Rice patty recipe I feel!



  1. […] drizzled with a nice vinaigrette alongside other yummy roasted veges […]


  2. […] drizzled with a nice vinaigrette alongside other yummy roasted veges […]


  3. This recipe sounds really great.

    I just had a dinner that included beets and it was really good. So, your idea sounds like something I would really like to try. Thanks for posting your recipe for the dressing too!


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