Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 3, 2011

Cucumber Sandwich – Recipe

I know it should be simple but you can stuff this simple sammie up so here’s my recipe in honour of high tea and royal weddings!

First peel the cucumber so you have green and white even spaced ‘strips’.. I have no idea how else to explain that.. use a vege peeler, nice and easy. By leaving a bit of the skin on, you get a nice effect in the sandwich.

Slice the cucumber thinly – as thin as you can! You should be able to see thru’ each slice, ideally! Lay on a paper towel and sprinkle with a little salt & finely ground black pepper. Cover with a 2nd paper towel then set aside.


Now I love brown, wholegrain bread but for cucumber sammies, I use ‘white trash’. What can I say – it’s just ‘right’ somehow. The key – buy nice quality bread, life is just too short for budget bread!

Have equal amts of softened butter and softened cream cheese ready. You need the butter soft! For the cream cheese: simply whip it with a fork ’til it’s the consistency of soft butter.

Butter half the bread, spread the butter very thinly. You do not want  any chunks of butter in your mouth – it really isn’t cool in this sammie! Again: thinly, spread the cream cheese on the remaining bread.

Lay ’em out on the bench ..

Get your cucumber slices and lay them across the bread so they cover every single bit of the bread, no gaps! 

Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper to taste. Don’t omit the seasonings!!

Top with the cream cheese covered bread.

Using a sharp knife or electric knife: cut the crusts off.

Don’t attempt to be thrifty when you do this: cut the crusts off in straight lines – it seems wasteful but who cares, we want classy looking sammies!

I prefer mine cut into triangles served pointy side up .. scattered with a little chopped parsley. Some like theirs cut into fingers.. Whatever floats your boat.

To keep the sandwiches perfectly: (0 tolerance for dried edges!) cover with the pieces of paper towel you dried the cuke slices on and / or serve asap!

Enjoy 🙂

PS if you want to really make the sammies the old fashioned way: use a rolling pin and flatten the bread slices before buttering them..



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  2. This sandwich has the reputation of one of the dullest, most boring sandwiches in the world. Although, reading this, they don’t sound half bad.


    • Oh that is because most people slap some cucumber in some bread and call it a sandwich! A real cucumber sandwich is a thing to behold. Tasty, moist, flavoursome, not soggy, not dry .. honestly, so surprising when done well. I’ve taken them to events before and had people go “errrr” then try one and go “cool” and start being right piggies lol


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