Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 3, 2011

Head Bitch aka Joan Spiller

Now it’s fair to say that – much like I knew NOTHING about handling dominant dogs when I got my 1st one, I also knew nothing about handling.. oops, I mean raising a child when I had my 1st (and only!) one .. That would be CJ, for those not in the know.

Sure, I set boundaries, and they were relatively common sense but also fairly inflexible (like me!) but this meant that life was simpler all round cos she knew what the rules were and that she usually couldn’t break ’em without severe consequences.

Of course, not being a complete asshole, consequences never involved her being put in the clothes dryer, abused, mistreated or uncared for .. it meant her being growled at and told “not OK”. Or maybe being put into her room to ‘think about things’.

 There’s a bit of a difference between “strong” parents and abusive creeps that deserve to die for their actions!

CJ will doubtless correct me if I am wrong but I think I even told her what the consequences were, from an early age – so she could choose to break rules .. if she was feeling brave (stupid?) enough.

The catch there is ya have to ENFORCE the time… if they do the crime!

Failure to do this means they’re taking control and you’re no longer top ‘dog’.
Trust me on this one.. (stares @ Titan the uber puppy)

I get so mad when I hear parents say “if you don’t stop doing X, I’ll give your (insert name for cool toy of the moment: IPAD, 52” TV – whatever) to the neighbour”.

Yeah right, as if..

Now if they said “I’m going to put the TV in the garage where you cannot get it for a month” – THAT might scare a kid. Even the least bright kid is gonna think “uh huh sure you are..(dummy)” when threatened with the first consequence!

To me, even as a young Mum that “simple life” concept made perfect sense.. heck, I had enough dramas going on (a rotten marriage, not enough money, a sense of “what was I thinking”.. all that good stuff) to want to have a bratty kid on my hands as well..

Plus I’d grown to loathe spending time with friends and family that had kids we all went ‘groan’ when faced with ..

Speaking of bratty kids, here’s a pic of CJ when she was on her first ever meet and greet in Hawke’s Bay. We lived in Auckland at the time, so had to bring her down to meet the whole famn damily! That was a tiring but fun experience ..

CJ @3 weeks old – actually kinda cute compared to most newborn bubs!

Pic taken at MY grandparent’s (Russell and Corinne) house..

Wasn’t she cute? Truth be told, the lil snot was a HORRIBLE baby but we won’t dwell on that (for now) 😉

Actually maybe now IS the time to tell it as we approach Mother’s day and she so needs to appreciate me *grins* I must pull out her plunket booklet. Do you know that rotten child slept approx. 4 hours in the first 10 months of her life? yeah .. and ya wonder why I look tired now and then 😉



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  2. AWWW how cute – (easy to say 21 years later .. LOL)


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